So You Want to Be a Public Speaker Master Certification Course

Public Speaking Course Summary

SO YOU WANT TO BE A PUBLIC SPEAKER, signature At the Table course, is a personal and professional development course designed for speakers (on whatever level you presently find yourself on), trainers, facilitators, leaders, social media influencers, and small business owners. This course affords the student the opportunity to go from good, to better, as you strive for your best in public speaking. Upon completion of this course, students will be equipped to confidently and effectively address their audiences and pitch their messages within a five-minute time span or as compact as the 30 second elevator speech. This course will be instrumental in positioning students for increased speaking opportunities as they add to their public speaking skills. During the course, students will build personalized promotional speaking tools such as their value proposition statement, capability statement, and bio. Weekly training will include instruction, presentations, teach backs and assignments. Join me in taking the weekly deep dive into Public Speaking as you are equipped to make a greater impact in the lives of others.


Course Curriculum

- Getting Started
- Etiquette, Trends, & Tips
- Communication & Story Telling
- Plan, Prep, & Present
- Presentations & Next Steps

Shon Cumberbatch

Toronto, Ontario Canada

"I was made aware of Coach J Dianne through a past student of hers. I connected with Coach J Dianne shortly after and enrolled in her speaker training course. I did not know what to expect but I gained more than I could have imagined. She helped me get over my fear of speaking. She provided mentorship, accountability and spiritual guidance which helped me grow and build a stronger connection to what God has called me to do. I am truly grateful and I look forward to working with her again on the future.”
IG: @Shonspeakswellness

Talia Mervosh
Tals Tips

"Coach J Dianne Tribble's Certification Program was helpful in providing the mindset, growth, and leadership skills needed within my field of education.  I have adopted new habits when carrying out conversations with others and plan to keep practicing these skills until they are mastered. This program was truly a blessing."

Gayle Randall
IT Manager and Realtor

"Coach Dianne, I just want you to know how thankful I am for having the opportunity to take your Public Speaking course.  I especially gained much knowledge and insight on the topic “Visualization and Story Telling”, as it transcended the importance of the audience connecting with the message.  The course content and platform delivery worked well with my schedule.  I look forward to continued learning “At the Table.”

Marilyn Sejuela
Speaker & Marketing Specialist

"Coach J Dianne Tribble is an wise, fearless, valuable Life Coach, motivational, inspiring, Speaker. She has been a real blessing to my life with her caring affirmations, support and accountability that has helped me to stay the focus. Her courses, trainings, and books are tools filled with encouragement, wisdom and love to build others up. She knows how to manage her gifts and teaches others to do the same by example."

Scherchitha Miller
Corporate Trainer

"Thank you for allowing me to fulfill my dream as a Motivational Speaker. This has been an honor and a privileged to partake in the table experience. The lessons were awesome, and the homework assignments gave insight and knowledge of expectancy of becoming a Motivational Speaker. I am looking forward to the Certified Life Coach learning experience next."

J Dianne Tribble

Coach J Dianne Tribble

International Public Speaker, Health & Wellness Coach, and Corporate Trainer

2021 Community Action Motivators recipient by ALCAM Community Action Motivators. Voted 2020 BEST MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER by BEST Society. Voted Best Coaching Services in Jacksonville, FL 2018-2020 by 2019 award recipient of the PUBLIC SERVICE Award by ACHI Magazine and 1st Place award recipient of the BEST BUSINESS COACH/CONSULTANT by BEST Society. Awarded the 2011 & 2015 Spirit of Service Award by the University of Phoenix, Coach J Dianne Tribble is the CEO and founder of At the Table Life Coaching & Motivational Speaking Services LLC. She is a Certified Professional Business & Health & Wellness Coach, Corporate Trainer, inspiring Motivational Speaker, published author, and a business start-up consultant.

Her business provides service solutions for:

  • International Public Speaking
  • One-on-one and group Health & Wellness, business, and Life Coaching services
  • Family Dynamics Group interventions
  • Thriving international Life coach certification program 
  • Public Speaking and Faith-Based Life Coach certification program
  • Online training courses – Main Course At the Table
  • Corporate training and workshop development
  • Business & professional consultations

As a Corporate trainer, she provides a plethora of health and wellness seminars for numerous companies. Topics include but not limited to Coping with Anxiety, Resilience, Self-Care, Compassion Fatigue, Burnout, Goal Setting, Team-building, Change & Etiquette in the Workplace, Stress Management, Assertive Communication, Listening Skills, Planning, Prioritizing, and Organizing, Fitting Fitness Into Your Day, Conflict Resolution, Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle, Food In the Fast Lane, Self Esteem, Tobacco Cessation, Networking, Surviving Mergers & Acquisitions, Budgeting, etc.

Coach J Dianne Tribble is a retired military wife. She and her husband Larry have been married 40 years and are the proud parents of three successful adult children and one son-in-law. 

Service to her community includes IMPACT Church, Executive Chapter President of the University of Phoenix Alumni Chapter North FL, PACE Center for Girls, Junior Achievement Girls North Florida, L.E.A.P. Women’s Empowerment Group, and Bosom Buddies (breast cancer awareness and support group). She is the co-founder and co-leader of We Are Women in Business, a women’s professional group. She teaches continuing education classes for Duval County School System. As a Corporate trainer, she provides health & wellness training for numerous companies nationally.

She is a columnist for RESILIENT magazine. Additional articles written by Coach J Dianne Tribble have been featured in Entrepreneurs Anchor Magazine and Ezine Articles. She has been featured numerous times on local TV broadcasts and radio stations in Jacksonville, FL and Atlanta, GA. Her published books include: The Star Inside of You Motivational Nuggets & Inspirational Stories of Encouragement, So You Want to Be a Life Coach Anthology, Chew & Chat MORSELS At the Table, Take Note at the Table, and Lessons from the Keys of Life: Resilience & Empowerment to Move Forward.

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  • So You Want to Be a Public Speaker
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    This is a Master Certification course designed to explore the public speaking field, build skillsets, and earn certification.

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